FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the requirements for your program?

a. USMLE Scores: We do not require specific USMLE or COMLEX scores for admittance to the program. Applicants must have passed the USMLE Steps I and II and Step II Clinical Skills with a minimum passing score (as set by USMLE) or COMLEX prior to the deadline to submit our Rank List. We do not require Step 3.
Note: In accordance with the examination requirements of the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners, applicants who have attempted to pass Steps 1, 2, and 3 a combined total of more than 10 attempts will not be eligible for our program.
Because we receive 2000+ applications each year, most of the applicants we interview have 3 or less attempts on Step 1, and only 1 attempt on CK/CS


b. Years since graduation: Prefer < 3 years. Most of the applicants we interview fall into that timeframe.

2. Are you IMG Friendly?

Yes, please see our resident bio page if you are interested in knowing about our residents who are international medical graduates.

3. Do you require applicants to have US clinical experience, externships, or observerships?

We do not require prior clinical experience, whether in the US or abroad. We do offer externships and observerships to applicants who have been invited to interview.

4. Do you allow visiting medical student rotations?

Yes, please see the “Student Programs” option on the menu above to learn more.


5. Do You Sponsor / Accept H1B or J-1 Visas?



6. Do you require residents to live in the community where the residency is located?

No, we do not require it, but residents who are a good fit for our program will be inclined to do so.


7. Do you have osteopathic recognition?

We have historically been dually accredited by both the ACGME and AOA. With recent national changes in accreditation regulations, we are working towards osteopathic recognition through the ACGME. Our osteopathic director is Drew Posey, DO.


8. Do the rural and urban tracks have different NRMP numbers?