The message we want to impart is simple.  We are a family medicine residency full of broken people, ministering to a broken world. Our mission flows from our affirmation that our purpose is to love God and show his glory by walking in the steps of Jesus and ministering in the love of Christ.

Cahaba Medical Care is a local community-based health organization that aims to be an incarnation of love, peace, and justice by guiding our patients through their journey towards physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being, and to be a center for transformative medical education and primary care training in rural, urban, and international contexts, modeling and exhorting the next generation of medical professionals in a career of excellence, conscientiousness, and compassion



Cahaba Family Medicine Residency started in 2013 as a rural residency program in Centreville, AL. In 2018 it expanded to encompass several faculty members and residents from Resurrection Health in Memphis, TN following Resurrection’s closure. The rural track based out of Centreville is a legacy of the original Cahaba rural program, and the urban track based out of Birmingham is a legacy of the Resurrection Health program synergistically blending with Cahaba.


One of the first things you’ll notice at Cahaba is that we are much more than a residency program. We are a community. We live in the communities we serve. We experience the body life of the church together. We see our work as the outworking of God’s love for the world and the reconciling work of Christ.

Our community truly is something that is best experienced in person rather than through any website description, so we encourage you to visit us … we’ll take you in anytime!

Full scope preparation

Our program’s heritage is preparing residents to be the only doctor around in rural and international contexts.

As such, in the same day our residents round in the hospital, deliver babies, and perform echocardiograms and well child checks in the clinic. In the same week our residents will travel to Washington, D.C. to advocate for good health policy. In the same year our residents will vaccinate camels and infants overseas.



We maintain a kingdom-minded perspective on health, healthcare, and medical education. This means that the love of Christ compels all that we do.


The NEed

There is no better way to learn to care for the marginalized than by learning and living it during residency. Our residents work, live, and learn in health centers and communities with great needs. They are mentored by faculty members who do the same.


The Nations

Our residents go through a global health curriculum, including overseas rotations each year of residency.

Rural White.png

Because of the vast depletion of resources, oftentimes pervasive hopelessness, and shocking inequities in health, etc., it’s been said that rural America is the new inner city. These areas are arguably the most marginalized areas of the United States. Our rural track is based out of Centreville, AL in a region of the country known as the “Black Belt” referring to the black soil. It is Alabama’s equivalent of the Mississippi Delta region… a severely economically depressed, rural area. The Health Care System is Leaving the Southern Black Belt Behind.

It is in this context that we sought to start a family medicine residency program. It was hard work starting a program in a town of 3,000. We also have been blessed to be a part of other “bright spots” in the region such as How we helped buck the trend of rural hospital L&D closures.


Blue pins represent residents and faculty homes in Centreville, AL

In addition to working in rural, we have adopted and live among our community


Through our community center, we are also able to provide other valuable resources to our community that address the social determinants of health, including a food bank, clothing, computer skills classes, exercise classes, job retraining, etc.

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Formerly Resurrection Family Medicine



In Birmingham, black people (Green Dots) are separated from white people (Blue Dots) by a mountain (Red Line). The health disparities, and disparities in general, on the two sides of the mountains are tremendous.


In 2017 we opened the Cahaba West End clinic, serving an area of town with around 60,000 neighbors called West End (circled). The West End clinic is the base for our Urban Track which started in 2018.

Our residents and faculty are engaged in the community, living and working in it.

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The mission continues

The Story of Resurrection Family Medicine

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