Our mission flows from our affirmation that our purpose is to love God and show his glory by walking in the steps of Jesus and ministering in the love of Christ.

Cahaba Medical Care is a local community-based health organization that aims to be an incarnation of love, peace, and justice by guiding our patients through their journey towards physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being, and to be a center for transformative medical education and primary care training in rural, urban, and international contexts, modeling and exhorting the next generation of medical professionals in a career of excellence, conscientiousness, and compassion



Cahaba Family Medicine Residency started in 2013 as a rural residency program in Centreville, AL. The program was created to provide full spectrum preparation and send graduates to marginalized rural and international communities. In 2018 it expanded when Resurrection Health in Memphis, TN transferred its program to Cahaba. Now the program is comprised of two tracts: the rural tract in Centreville, AL and the urban tract in Birmingham, AL.


One of the first things you’ll notice at Cahaba is that we are much more than a residency program. We are a community. We live in the communities we serve. Our patients are our neighbors. We are the church together. 

Our community truly is something that is best experienced in person rather than through any website description, so we encourage you to visit us!

Full scope preparation

Because our graduates go on to resource-poor areas domestically and internationally, our curriculum incorporates full spectrum Family Medicine training. Our residents do it all, from delivering babies to point of care ultrasonography to advocacy in Washington, D.C. to international medicine, and everything in between.




This rally cry describes our heart … to provide holistic care where the need is greatest, among every ethnē, for the King.


to The NEed

Our residents work, live, and learn in health centers and communities with great needs. They are mentored by faculty members who do the same. The result is a profound understanding of and love for the people among whom we live and work, as well as an ability to be shaped by and shape our communities.



to The Nations

Our global health curriculum includes overseas rotations each year of residency. Residents may select experiences that are tailored to their interests, and we highly encourage our residents to visit teams that are providing holistic care in an international context.

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Formerly Resurrection Family Medicine



In Birmingham, the majority of black people (Green Dots) and white people (Blue Dots) are separated from by a mountain (Red Line).
The health disparities, and disparities in general, on the two sides of the mountains are tremendous.


The urban residents are based at the Cahaba West End clinic which serves an area of town called West End (circled). Our residents and faculty live among and provide broad spectrum family medicine care in one of the most under-resourced communities in the state.


We are motivated to provide holistic care to underserved neighbors and neighborhoods in Birmingham and beyond ...

             a motivation which stems from our experience of God's radical love for us. 

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The mission continues

The Story of Resurrection Family Medicine / Christ Community Family Medicine

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In 1995, 4 doctors started Christ Community Health Services in Memphis, TN. A wonderful Kingdom minded residency resulted. That heritage now exists in the Cahaba urban track. Click here to read more of the story.


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Because of the vast shift of resources and cultural shifts, many rural communities are left with pervasive hopelessness and shocking inequities in health. For these reasons and more it’s been said that rural America is the new inner city, and these areas are arguably the most marginalized areas of the United States. Our rural track is based out of Centreville, AL in a region known as the “Black Belt,” a severely economically depressed region with rich black soil that previously was the sight of wealthy white planters and enslaved black persons. For several decades now, The Health Care System has been Leaving the Southern Black Belt Behind.

This is the context in which Cahaba Medical Care was born in 2004. Long before the residency program began we were striving to promote health equity and community health for our neighbors. Over the years we have been able to expand to other communities, with many milestones along the way like when we bucked the trend of rural hospital L&D closures by helping reopen Bibb County's only L&D, which had been closed for 20 years. Then in 2013 the Cahaba Family Medicine Residency was born. Starting the residency among a population of 5,000 required lots of good old fashioned hard work and innovation. But as our program director, Dr. John Waits, likes to say, “That’s just our game.”




Our residency is a fully immersive training program. The majority of our residents and faculty choose to live and serve in rural Bibb County.


Our rural residents truly make a major impact in Bibb County. We provide the only obstetric care in the county, we care for patients in Bibb Medical Center, we staff the county’s subspecialty clinic as well as the nursing home, etc. Our residents truly become full-spectrum rural (or international) family doctors.


Our community engagement extends far beyond our medical involvement.

For instance, through our community center, we are also able to provide other valuable resources that address social determinants of health, including a food bank, clothing, computer skills classes, exercise classes, job retraining, etc. We also work to enhance the physical fitness of our community, with some examples including our collaboration with local government to build a boat launch on the Cahaba River for paddlers,  our involvement in bringing cycling services to the county, and the dance studio we sponsor.