We have designed our program to be procedurally intense, in our effort to train physicians to work in resource poor environments.

Women’s Health

We have 6 family medicine faculty members who are OB fellowship-trained and perform C-Sections. For the rural track, our clinic is the only prenatal provider in the county, and our L&D is the only L&D to reopen in Alabama in the past 3 decades. In the urban track, our FM-OB faculty staff two different L&Ds in Birmingham and Bessemer. In the clinic, each resident will be intimately involved in prenatal care from the outset, develop a continuity OB panel, and be trained in vaginal deliveries, colposcopy, endometrial biopsy, IUD insertion/removal and implantable contraception insertion/removal. Training in operative obstetrics and LEEP is available in an advanced track.

Outpatient Procedures

Our residents perform joint and soft tissue injections, biopsies, excisions, toenail removals, pulmonary function tests, and more.

Inpatient Procedures

Our residents perform central lines, thoracentesis, paracentesis, lumbar puncture, circumcision, and more.

Point of Care Ultrasound

On a given day our residents perform various POCUS modalities including obstetric, musculoskeletal, ultrasound guided injections, DVT, RUSH scans, ejection fraction estimates, and more. Both training sites have GE machines readily available for in the resident clinic. We also have purchased V-Scans for the inpatient teams’ use in both of our main teaching hospitals.


Our residents are trained to perform and interpret plain films in the office on our digital x-ray system and also in the emergency and inpatient settings. Additionally our residents have dedicated time with our ultrasound echocardiography technicians, in addition to incorporating POCUS into their own continuity clinic.


Our family medicine faculty are trained and credentialed to perform EGD and colonoscopy. Additionally, our residents spend time training with a gastroenterologist and colorectal surgeon. Our state-of- the-art endoscopy simulator allows each intern to gain experience working through cases before having the opportunity to perform primary cases, should they choose to have an endoscopy focus. We perform endoscopy in the office, in an ambulatory surgical center, and in the hospital.

Casting & Splinting

Residents get significant exposure to fracture management in our ED and resident clinics. At least 2 workshops per year are centered around casting and splinting. We have an all digital x-ray system setup in the clinic, with an accompanying PACS system. We manage appropriate fractures start to finish in our clinics.

Exercise Stress Testing / Prolonged ECG Monitoring

Our residents perform exercise ECG stress testing and prolonged ECG monitoring as part of their own continuity clinic.

General Surgery

Our residents rotate with a general surgeon in a rural private clinic context twice a week, covering pre-op and post-op issues, endoscopy, and ambulatory surgical procedures like hemorrhoidal banding and wound care with debridement in the outpatient, inpatient, and nursing home settings. Also, time is spent in the surgeon’s procedurally heavy private clinic performing additional wound care, anoscopy, hemorrhoidal banding, and other outpatient surgical procedures.


In addition to scheduling and performing their own lesion removals, shave, punch, and excisional biopsies and cryotherapy throughout the three years of their continuity clinic, residents spend time monthly with a dermatologist in our clinic to gain experience with more advanced procedures and diagnosis.

Special Populations

Our residents treat HIV and Hepatitis C and manage patients with opioid use disorder using buprenorphine/naloxone.

House Calls

Once a week our residents perform home visits for our patients with limited ability to utilize our clinics.

Nursing Home

Our rural residents see long term care patients in a unit adjacent to our primary teaching hospital. Our urban residents do the same at a facility just down the street from our residency clinic.