The story of Resurrection Family Medicine

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It all started when…

In 1995, 4 doctors started Christ Community Health Services in Memphis, TN. CCHS ultimately became the largest primary care health system in the city. Some of the highlights of the story include the providers relocating into the low income neighborhoods in which their patients lived, participating in “house church,” and sending many workers overseas. After hosting medical students for away rotations for several years, Christ Community developed its own family medicine residency program in 2011. The program was committed to training residents to serve and live among their underserved neighbors and to go out as pioneer leaders among overseas and domestic peoples. In 2015 the residency program was transferred to Resurrection Health in Memphis and the mission continued. The vast majority of graduates immediately entered into primary care in Health Provider Shortage Areas, and many went overseas within a few years after graduation. All graduates continue to use medicine as a strategy in their commitment to the Kingdom of God, wherever they are.

In early 2018 Resurrection Family Medicine Residency closed. The Memphis residency had a long-standing relationship with Cahaba Family Medicine Residency. Providentially, Cahaba had recently opened a large clinic in Birmingham, AL in an underserved part of town known as the West End. Many faculty and residents from Resurrection were able to transfer the program to Birmingham to establish Cahaba Urban based out of West End. The result is a residency community that loves God and shows his glory by walking in the steps of Jesus and ministering in the love of Christ as we provide underserved care among urban, rural, and international neighbors domestically and internationally.